Conquer Your Can’t

There is a saying “Wherever the head goes the body goes.” It’s true. Have you ever found yourself looking at something while you’re driving and notice your car moving in the same direction as your eyes?

What happens while you are driving happens in fitness too. Whatever you focus your mind on that’s where your body follows. If you are determined to learn a particular sport you no doubt dedicate yourself to practicing it. Likewise, if you have the belief that you can’t do something, you will steer away from it.

We all face obstacles on our quest to be healthy and fit. The problem is not about the obstacle but about our negative focus on it. So often we focus on what we “can’t” do and forget to look at what we “can” do instead. And because of this we often miss out on the opportunities we have to improve ourselves every day. A small change of thinking in the positive direction can go a long way. Here are some examples of how you can conquer your “can’t” thoughts by turning them into “can dos.”

“I can’t exercise because…”

“…I don’t have the time.” Exercise is not just about carving out an hour of your day to go the gym. Take a 15 minute walk around the block. Have a walking meeting at work. Jog in place while watching commercials. Any little bit that keeps you moving is exercise.

“…my knees/shoulder/other body part hurts.” Do an exercise that doesn’t involve that body part. Visit a trainer to learn ways to work around your injury until it is better.

“I can’t eat healthy because…”

“…I don’t have time to plan my meals.” You don’t have to plan a week of meals to get started. Start with just one meal or snack a couple times of week. Then gradually add more meal planning as you get used to it.

“…I travel a lot for work.” If possible, bring healthy food/snacks with you on your trip. Research the healthier food options around you before you go. Nowadays, healthy options are becoming more and more plentiful.

Now it’s your turn. What are your “can’t” thoughts about health and fitness? How can you turn your negatives into positives and turn obstacles into opportunities?