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Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Higher Level Fitness. Please contact us if you need more information.


You can certainly workout on your own. But there many advantages to working with a fitness coach. No matter what fitness experience you have a coach is helpful for: showing you where to start, teaching you correct form so you get the most out of your workout and avoid injury, helping you achieve results when you feel stuck, shaking things up when you are bored, providing accountability and motivation when you need it most, and so much more!
Good question! Virtual training is NOT like watching YouTube or Facebook. When you watch a video on Youtube or Facebook, it’s typically a generic workout where you are copying someone else’s moves, hoping you get it right. In virtual training you meet with a coach, live online. The coach will take you through a work outfit for your specific needs. They teach how to do exercises properly and provide motivation and feedback when you need it. You can also ask questions and give your own feedback. So virtual training is much more interactive.
Congratulations! You have made the first step towards creating a happier healthier life! Next we will be in touch to set a time where we can meet virtually to discuss what you are looking for, your goals, and how Higher Level Fitness can help! If you find HLF a good fit we’ll assess your current health and fitness levels (no exercises we promise!) so that we can recommend the best starting point for success.
All Higher Level Fitness workouts can be done without any special fitness equipment. Many of our workouts use just body weight to get the job done. Some workouts may use additional resistance such as dumbbells or resistance bands. But extra resistance (and fun!) can be created by anything around the home. Water jugs filled with water, backpacks loaded with books, paper plates on carpet, towels, all these things and more can be used as improvised fitness tools! If you still are craving typical fitness equipment though, we’ll be happy to provide recommendations.
HLF workouts can be done just about anywhere from the living room, to the home office to the basement, the garage and even outdoors. Ideally you should have a space where your entire body can be seen on camera from head to toe when standing up and laying down (horizontal to the camera). Generally you’ll want at least a 6ft x 6ft space to be comfortable. But no worries, if you are unsure of your space we can do a “practice run” of sorts to see how best to get you set up.
Absolutely! Before starting virtual training (even before our very first virtual meeting) we’ll provide some tips and tricks to get you set up for a great virtual experience. And if you have any questions we’re here to help. We can always do a “practice run” as well as so you can get the hang of this virtual world.
That depends. Some injuries and pain may require doctor attention and clearance before starting an exercise program. If you are cleared by a doctor to exercise we will assess your current health and fitness levels, including any aches pains or injuries you may have and recommend the best stating point within our fitness programs including any modifications. At Higher Level Fitness we are all about meeting you where YOU are. Our Movement For Life Program is a great tool for those coming off of injuries, or for addressing those nagging aches and pains you may experience in daily life.
That depends. Certain medical conditions will require clearance from a doctor before starting with Higher Level Fitness. If you are cleared by a doctor to exercise we will assess your current health and fitness levels, including any conditions you may have and recommend the best stating point within our programs including any modification. At Higher Level Fitness we are all about meeting you where YOU are.
Results vary greatly from person to person. Results depend on your starting point, your goals, how dedicated you are, your current fitness level, etc. If you are not used to doing a routine fitness program you could start seeing and/or feeling positive results within a week or two. Typically your body will start adapting to its new active lifestyle within 4-6 weeks.
Contrary to popular belief, soreness does not necessary equal a good workout. Our goal at Higher Level Fitness is not about making each workout a painfully memorable one. Its about making fitness an enjoyable experience and something you look forward to doing and continuing to do. We can’t guarantee you won’t be sore from time to time, because soreness is often a by product of a novel exercise routine but we can guarantee our workouts will feel more energizing and inspiring then dreadful and draining.
If you are having trouble deciding what programs to start with, contact us today! We can discuss your goals, your starting point, and your interests and from there we can suggest the program that may be the right fit.
No experience necessary! Our Kick FIt program is designed to fit women of all experience levels, from those who have never even thought of kickboxing to the experienced practitioner. Come for the learning experience, stay for the exercise!

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