How Aware Are You?

How aware are you of what’s going on around you? If you were to close your eyes right now (after reading this blog of course) would you be able to describe what is directly behind you? If there is another person in the room do you know color shirt they are wearing? These may seem like easy questions to answer right now but what if you were to test yourself at random?

Sometime today, without prompting, just close your eyes (preferably when you are not driving or in motion) and try to recall all that is surrounding you. Try it at home and compare it how well you do in a public place like a grocery store or a friend’s party.

Being aware is vital to your health and well-being. In terms of personal safety, awareness accounts for 90% of your self-defense against a physical attack. By being aware of your surroundings you can avoid dangerous situations before they start and also know how to quickly escape one if needed.

So how do you become more aware? Practice. Every so often take some time to sit quietly and use one or more of your senses to notice the world around you. For example, can you see what people wearing? Can you hear cars passing by? Can you smell cigarette smoke nearby? Can you feel someone’s movements if they sit down next to you? (Taste might be a little adventurous so do that at your own risk!) But don’t forget the most important sense of all, your sixth sense. Practice listening to your gut, it is hardly ever wrong!

Awareness is also valuable in the gym. Being aware of how your body moves and feels is important for avoiding injury and in reaching goals. The more aware and “in the moment” you are during exercise the more focused your energy is to the right spots. Remember: “Where the head goes the body will follow.”

So next time you are at the gym shut out all outside distractions and really concentrate on the exercise at hand. Where do you feel tension? How is each muscle moving in sequence?

Becoming more aware of yourself and your surrounding will take conscious effort at first. But with practice it will become increasingly unconscious and in in turn will create a safer and stronger YOU.