Is It After Yet

Do you want to start working out but it just isn’t a convenient time? When will be a better time to start?

… after the holidays are over?
… after your schedule quiets down?
… after that big work/house project is over?
… after the party this weekend?

Is it after yet?

Adulthood is crazy. There are many important things that require our attention over fitness. But if you are waiting for the time “after” all that craziness ends you will never find it. When one project ends another one will start. You will get sick. The kids will get sick. You will get stressed. You will be tired. It will be dark, or cold, or raining out.

The cool thing about fitness is you don’t have to have a perfect schedule to enjoy the benefits of a good workout. It’s ok if this week is so busy that you can only fit one exercise session in. That one workout can give you a boost of energy to tackle the rest of the week.

You can use that one workout to take that free class at a gym you are curious about. If you don’t like the class, great! You are one step closer to finding something you do like. If you did like it, great! Now you can be motivated to return. And all of that was made possible because you didn’t wait until “after”.

You don’t have to be committed to a schedule to start your fitness journey. But you do have to start to have the chance at being committed.

So instead saying “after”. Start “now”. Or if you have to wait, set a date. Put it on a calendar. Tell family and friends so they can keep you accountable. Do all this so that plan of “after the holidays” cannot turn into “before the holidays”.