It’s almost the end of the 2017. How is that fitness plan that you resolved to get going this year? Don’t worry if you’ve already lost many days (or even months) to procrastination. Starting NOW is miles ahead of never.

The way I see it, you have two choices, either start NOW or choose to sit on the sidelines and watch for yet another day. Which do you want?

You may be starting late and the path ahead may be long, but the only way to shorten that path is to begin NOW. That game plan gives you a head start compared to waiting for tomorrow.

If you do not start, you fail your goals anyway. So why fear failure? You might as well get in motion, make initial progress and learn from the experience.

That in of itself is a win and it’s truly where adventure is – participating in your goals and dreams. So get in the game – take a step – do something TODAY!