Productive Goal Reaching

Why? This is the first and most important question to ask yourself when crafting a plan to better yourself. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself having successfully accomplished your goal. How do you feel?

If there was a time in your life when you were where you want to be this year, remember that time and what was so appealing about it. The why and the emotions behind your intention is what will keep you going when you lack motivation.

Now that you’ve got a reason for your goal, let’s explore the possibilities of how to accomplish it. There are many ways to tackle every goal. Take losing weight for example. You can approach this feat with exercise, nutrition, stress reduction or sleep. Which one needs the most improvement in your life? Now pick one of those options.

Start with just one approach so you don’t get overwhelmed and maximize success. Once you’ve adapted new habits in one area, you can work on another.

Once you’ve chosen an approach to your goal, you need a game plan. When adding a new habit into your routine, try replacing an old one. Find something that needs to go and swap it out for a habit you no longer want to have. And keep it simple.

Nutrition cleanses and extreme fitness boot camps are great, but don’t always stand the test of time. Make small, easy changes to your routine gradually and you’re more likely to succeed.

Here are four common goals, along with examples and tips for success, you can use and tweak to suit your needs.

Eating Healthier:
I’ll replace [insert food or beverage] with [insert food or beverage].

Get More Sleep:
I’ll go to sleep ______ minutes earlier by turning off my TV/cell phone/computer ______ minutes earlier.

Reduce Stress:
Before checking social media, my smart phone or email, I’ll take five to 10 deep breaths with my eyes closed.

Be more physically active:
Instead of [watching TV, surfing the Net, etc.] I’ll [insert activity/exercise] for ____ minutes ____ times per week.