Higher Level Fitness Programs

Higher Level Fitness offers a variety of virtual fitness programs to meet your needs. Check below for the descriptions. As a Higher Level Fitness member you get UNLIMITED access to all classes. All classes are less than one hour in length so they can easily fit in your schedule. And our small group format ensures you get personalized attention along with the motivational support of other members.

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Total Body Fitness

Total Body Fitness (TBF) is a virtual fitness class designed to build strength, develop your core and improve your cardio endurance. We use a circuit/interval style format to achieve the best workout in the least amount of time. More than just an exercise class, TBF teaches you correct form and movement to help reduce pain and risk of injury. In TBF we offer many options for every exercise so that you can always stay motivated about reaching your next level of fitness.We keep TBF fresh with unique, interactive classes to help put the FUN back into exercise.

Kick Fit

If you are looking to boost your cardio but are weary of traditional running, jumping, high impact cardio exercises, Kick Fit may be for you. Kick Fit is a cardio alternative class, that incorporates basic punches, kicks and self defense techniques done “in the air” for a lower impact type workout. Lower impact does not mean less challenging however. This class is designed to raise your heart rate and get you sweating. It also teaches you the basics of self defense by showing you the “how” and “why” behind each technique. Kick Fit’s goal is to create a stronger you, both inside and out.

Movement For Life

Movement For Life addresses those issues that may be hindering you from doing (or continuing) physical activities in your life. In Movement For Life we teach you exercises to reduce nagging joint pain, improve posture and movement, and build strength in muscles that are weak from injury, overuse, or lack of use. You’ll learn tips on how to reduce the risk of injury or re-injury while going about daily activities. Movement For Life is also a great program for those who are looking to get moving somehow but who may not feel ready for a more structured exercise class.

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