What Our Clients Say About Higher Level Fitness

The following reviews come from our clients and should give you an idea of what Higher Level Fitness is all about.


Originally I came to Mel to lose weight and be able to fit into my wedding dress in 11 weeks. Ideally that was the plan, lose weight. 11 weeks later and not only did I fit into my dress and not need any alterations, but I learned how to maintain my weight, learn how to control my cravings for sweets, and on top of it all, really understand how my body works. We are well over those 11 weeks and I am still maintaining the ideal weight that I need to be for my wedding. I haven’t fallen back into any bad eating habits and I’ve picked up great workout tips and ideas that I will continue to use even after the wedding.

-Jenn D

Best full body workout around!! Melanie is an amazing trainer. The classes are challenging, but fun. I’m noticing that I have better body tone, have more physical endurance, and certainly sleep sound after a workout. Give one of her classes a try and you will be hooked!!

-Mairead P.

Melanie helped keep me determined and dedicated. Since then I have graduated from using 3 lbs dumbbells to 8 lbs and I am now doing pushups on the floor, on my toes! Now I am sleeping better and have more energy throughout the day. I now leave class invigorated and wanting to push my strength and cardio more each week. The more one-on-one training makes it easy to jump in and have fun no matter where you are starting.

-Stacy T.

I have known Melanie and have been working out with her for several years. She is very knowledgeable about fitness and training. Melanie always keeps workouts interesting by teaching new techniques on a regular basis. She is patient and thoroughly explains each exercise. I would highly recommend taking classes with Melanie. You will not be disappointed!

-Myra D.

I joined Melanie’s kickboxing class to get fit and strong. The classes are small so less intimidating for me than a gym. Students have different levels of ability so we also learn from each other. She’s patient and talks me through new moves and exercises. I’m surprised at what I’m able to do. I focused on diets and weight for years with minimal results. I started in July and I feel better than ever. I’m stronger and more confident. I enjoy the self defense moves and feel at 50+ I can defend myself if need be. I will keep this up. Karen

-Karen K.

Melanie is an excellent and knowledgeable instructor and she is upbeat and motivating. She offers a variety of options for different levels of experience. You will burn calories, gain strength and confidence and feel great! If you’re looking for small classes with a great instructor and great people, you’ve found it!

-Yana S.

What can I say about Melanie’s workouts…they are awesome!! I am constantly challenged by Mel and what she brings to group class, while she incorporates the use of cardio, weights, kickboxing and band work. She is always trying out new techniques which adds such a variety to class and that keep me interested and looking forward to my next group class with her!!

-Sharon P.

Melanie is a wonderful trainer, she encourages you to achieve your own personal goals, suggests ways to achieve them while changing up the workouts to make them interesting, progressive and adaptable to your own fitness level from basic to advance. Well worth the fee charged for such a clean, comfortable, atmosphere and enthusiastic trainer. You will be glad you contacted her.

-Jeane G.

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