You Are Stronger Than You Think

Does the phrase martial arts or self-defense intimidate you? Do you cringe at the thought of attending a class because you don’t feel coordinated enough? I feel you. I was the same way. But then I made a leap that changed my life forever.

I remember my first karate class as if it happened yesterday. There I was: a skinny, knock kneed, quiet, shy teenager with glasses and acne. I looked at myself in the studio mirror and thought “what the heck am I doing here?” I was not athletic or coordinated at all. Heck, I had to hold onto my instructor’s shoulder to learn my first kick because I couldn’t balance on one foot. Fast forward 7 years later after I received my black belt. I remember walking down the sidewalk and thinking “Gee all these people on the sidewalk don’t know what I CAN do.” That’s quite the switch from day one of karate class.

So what happened during that first class and subsequent classes that changed my picture about myself and how does it tie into The Higher Edge Fitness today?

Self-defense showed me that how I perceived myself was not who I really was. I may have felt uncoordinated and gangly but I learned that I can be in control. Even on day one I learned how to stop someone’s hand before it touched me. Then throughout the years, learning how to defend myself in many situations cemented that feeling of being in charge of my own world. That is quite an empowering thought! I also discovered physical power that I didn’t know I had. I may not have been a high school or college athlete but I learned this little body can pack quite a punch when needed!

If self-defense was able to show someone like me that I am stronger than I think, then I believe it can do that for you too. I believe every women deserves the chance to experience the empowering effects that self-defense has to offer. That’s why at The Higher Edge Fitness we offer self-defense seminars and kickboxing classes. It is also is why I try to infuse self-defense concepts into every other class whenever I can.

It is my goal to empower every woman that walks through my door so they feel stronger about themselves after every class. That is a big part of our “Confidence to Climb” mantra. Building strong women and giving them the confidence to reach new heights mentally and physically. So I invite you to come on in, take a class, or even just give one of our punching bags a whack and see how strong you really are!